Types Of Tartan Kilts
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Types Of Tartan Kilts

Discover The 9 Types of Tartan Kilts: Unveiling The Unique Patterns And History Behind Scotland’s Iconic Garment:

A traditional Scottish outfit known as the tartan kilt has come to represent Scottish culture worldwide. It is a particular style of knee-length skirt made of tartan cloth, which has recognisable horizontal and vertical stripes in a range of hues and patterns.

The tartan kilt has a long, amazing history and has been significant to Scottish society and culture. Here, we’ll look at several types of tartan kilts and  Where to Buy a Tartan Kilt as well as things to think about before buying one. Whether you’re interested in history, or fashion, or just want to learn more about this famous product.

Different types of tartans are available for various purposes. Here will provide an overview of the different types of tartan kilts, including Scottish, Irish, Welsh, American, Canadian, Military, Clan, District, and Fashion Tartans.

Scottish Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

The most well-known and well-liked variant of tartan kilts is the Scottish tartan. They belong to Scottish clans, each of which has its distinctive tartan design. Scottish tartans have a distinguishing checkered pattern and are made of wool. The coloring and design of Scottish tartans are chosen to reflect the heritage and history of the clan.

Clan Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

The most common kind of Scottish tartan kilts is those made from clan tartans. Representatives of each Scottish clan are expected to dress in the clan’s authorized tartan. Clan tartans are still in use today, and many Scots wear them to formal events such as marriages.

District Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

Scottish tartan kilts also come in the form of district tartans. These approximate clan tartans are linked to a certain area of Scotland rather than a unique clan. Towns and cities are frequently represented by district tartans.

Irish Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

While Irish tartans and Scottish tartans are similar, they differ in pattern and color. Several Irish counties each have their tartan pattern, and these counties are represented by different Irish tartans. Irish tartans have a checkered design and are likewise made of wool.

Welsh Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

The world of tartan kilts has just been introduced to Welsh tartans. They were originally invented in the 20th century to symbolize various Welsh towns and regions. Welsh tartans have a distinctive design and color scheme and are made of cotton.

American Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

In the United States, tartan kilts in American tartans are very prominent. There are American tartans that are not connected to any particular ethnicity, though they are frequently linked to Scottish or Irish origin. When attending formal events like weddings or festivities, American tartans are frequently used.

Canadian Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

While Canadian tartans and American tartans are similar, they differ in colors and designs. Each Canadian province or territory has a unique tartan pattern, and different Canadian provinces and territories have different tartan styles.

Military Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

Members of the military wear unique tartan kilts called “military tartans.” They are usually applied for important attire like parades and ceremonies. Military tartans are made to reflect the heritage and history of a specific military regiment.

Fashion Tartans:

Types Of Tartan Kilts

Kilts crafted from fashion tartans are a particular variety that is intended for regular wear. They frequently come in a range of designs and colors and are constructed of lightweight fabrics like cotton or polyester. For laid-back events like concerts or festivals, fashion tartans are a common option.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Tartan Kilt:

Are you planning to buy a Tartan Kilt?  Before you make your purchase, there are several important factors to consider.


The quality and durability of a kilt depend greatly on the material used to create it. Wool was traditionally used to make Tartan Kilts, and it is a great material because it is warm, sturdy, and easy to clean. However, modern Scottish kilts are available in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyviscose, and even silk. Before making a decision, take into account your demands and tastes as each material has benefits and drawbacks.


Another essential factor is the color of the kilt. Each of the different colours and patterns used in traditional tartan kilts has a special significance. For instance, the Black Watch Tartan is connected to the British Army, while the Royal Stewart Tartan is the most well-known and represents the Royal Family of Stewart. Evaluate your personal preferences as well as the occasion for which you plan to wear the kilt when picking a color.


One key aspect to think about is the tartan kilt’s weight. Your level of comfort and mobility while wearing the kilt will depend on your weight. While heavier kilts are excellent for colder climates, lighter kilts are ideal for the summer and milder regions. While traveling, it’s also important to take the fabric’s weight into account because heavier kilts could require more capacity in your luggage.


To assure that the kilt fits properly and is comfortable to wear, its length is essential. To make sure you obtain the appropriate size, it’s critical to take precise measurements of your waist and hips. Ordinarily, the kilt’s length is calculated from the waist to the knee. Yet, according to their style and personal preferences, some people choose a longer or shorter length.


Your waist measurement will decide the size of the kilt. To ensure that the kilt fits properly and is comfortable to wear, it is essential that you obtain exact measurements. If you’re unsure about your size, you might refer to a sizing chart or ask a kilt manufacturer for guidance.


Another significant aspect is the tartan kilt’s design. The kilt’s pattern can range widely in complexity, from straightforward to ornate. While other kilts have a more simplistic style, some have extra embellishments like straps, buckles, and pleats. While selecting a kilt’s style, take into account the occasion you’ll be wearing it to.


The cost of the kilt varies according on the material, style, and quality, among other things. Set a spending limit and search inside it for a kilt that meets your requirements and aesthetic choices. Avoid choosing the lowest choice because it can result in a reduction in quality; instead, spend money on a high-quality kilt that will last for many years.

Where to Buy a Tartan Kilt?

In closing, whether you decide to buy a tartan kilt from a physical shop or an online retailer like Mens Kilt Outfit Brand, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough research first to make sure you’re getting a high-quality item. Read reviews, research the store’s standing, and become knowledgeable about the various tartan designs that are offered by taking the time to do so. You can select the ideal tartan kilt that matches your style, personality, and budget with a little bit of work and attention to detail. Enjoy your shopping!

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